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ANIMAL FIGHTING IS ABUSIVE AND CRUEL ALL ANIMALS DESERVE A CHANCE TO LIVE AND BE LOVED. Did you know the "Viscious Breed Animals" are not born that way, They have people come and take them and make them that way and then to make some quick cash or have some Cruel Fun by throwing them into a dog fight and sometimes make them fight to the death, 100's Of Animals Die Each Year In Dog Fights And The Ones That Survive Are Scared For Life With Major Medical Problems. Please Help Put A Stop To Animal Fighting, Abuse and Cruelty Once and For All. Like The Prayer Says "Liberty and Justice For All" Since animals are considered part of out American Society doesn't this mean Justice For Animals As Well. ANIMAL FIGHTING A PERSONS WAY OF SHOWING DOMINANCE BUT AN INNOCENT ANIMALS WAY OF GETTING KILLED. So sign this petition and with your help and enough signatures we can make Dog Fighting, Abuse and Cruelty Illegal In All States, Make Harsher Punishments For Dog Fighters With More Jail Time and Higher Fines, and Give Every Animal A Chance At A Healthy, Loving and Happy Life. Pit Bulls, Boxers, Rots, ETC, They All Deserve A Chance At Happiness And Love, They Don't Deserve To Be Beaten, Kicked On, Or Abused and Thrown In Fights For Some One's Sick Way Of Having Fun Or Person's Sick Way Of A Quick Healthy Pay Check Either. ALL DOGS DESERVE LOVE AND LIKE HUMANS TO BE TREATED EQUALLY AND THE WAY YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED IF YOU WERE IN THE DOGS SHOES... RIGHT?!


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