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Vote for Alisa Johnson for 2013 Military Spouse of the Year

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I am writing asking if you could share my nomination for the Military Spouse of the Year.

I am a Navy wife, an active duty Marine officer attending Naval flight training, and the founder and President of Dogs on Deployment, promoting the military pet community through outreach, education and advocacy. Our work fulfills a gap in the military family support services that is desperately needed; seen every day by our requests for help with military and veteran owned pets across the nation. I also started a national petition to Standardize Military pet Policies regardless of breed.

Winning this award will provide me with the opportunity to speak up about these problems, and provide solutions and education on how to prevent and improve the support for military members and their families with pets.

I hope that I have your vote, and if you could please pass my profile link along to any of your contacts with social media, FB, twitters, blogs, etc, I would greatly appreciate it.

Voting is today, Feb. 5th from 5am-11:59pm EST!
Here's my link:

Alisa Johnson
President, Dogs on Deployment
"Support your troops by boarding their pets!"

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