Sign the Petition to This petition is aimed at all those people who like what I create and believe I am worthy of a permant pitch on Brighton seafront.


70 signed
499,930 more needed

Some people go through hard times and failed relationships etc. Some people become homeless and find it hard to pull themselves back together. Now I have a skill that I like to share with the world and would love to be based in the birthplace of my art and that is Brighton. I have walked the whole coast of the UK 6800 miles, created on 44 beaches and moved over 1000 tonnes of pebbles. I am the only artist in the UK who has done such a journey with no sponcership or funding. The only funding I got was by the genral public loving my art and helping me out. Yet I have no local connection even though I have been in more newspapers than enough around the UK.


DrGeebers ThePebbleman

If you think I deserve a chance in life and think I should have a permanent place on Brighton beach creating loose pebble sculptures for the world to see then please sign my petition. Make a homeless mans dream come true so he can help change the lifes of others.


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