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Love, forgive, trust and respect myself and others and in so doing heal myself and the world with On

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On Bob Marley's Birthday, February 6, 2013 and onwards, Jamaicans and people around the world are asked to live the message of One Love: Unconditional love, Universal brotherhood, forgiveness, trust, and respect.

Individuals are asked to form prayer groups or meditation groups with chanting and drumming to express their love and forgiveness in One-love Gatherings.Speak healing words and greet each other with the words "One Love".  Communities are asked to create a One Love Project  and/orStart a One Love March using the theme: Heal Jamaica with One Love. 

Sharon Parris-Chambers, author and Living Values Education national coordinator for Jamaica has brought forward the initiative to rekindle the call that was announced in 2005 during the national tribute to Bob Marley on his 60th birthday in Kingston. At the time eight (8) 'daughters of Zion' including Pat Clarke, Yvonne Coke, Juliet, Dunbar and Elaine Wint and others read an Apology, stated a Message and called to Action Jamaicans to Pray, Fast and Heal our Land. 12,000 were present and millions watched & listened on TV and Radio.

Robert Roskind, co-producer of the event reported "On Sunday Feb. 6, 2005 in downtown Kingston, Jamaica an overflowing crowd, plus millions more who joined us via every Jamaican TV station, many radio stations and the Internet, joined us to celebrate Bob's milestone birthday. The huge concert, called "Bob Marley-Natural Mystic: The Legend Lives On," was a collaborative effort of the Jamaican Government, the Bob Marley Foundation and the Roskind  family. However, the concert was more than a celebration. It was a calling to Jamaica, and every person joining us, to claim their God-given destiny of teaching One Love in their lives."

PERFORMERS: Abijah, Ernie Smith, Bunny Wailer, Culture, Mackie Conscious, Warrior King, Cherry Natural, Fab 5, Prezident Brown, Janieve & Robert Bailey, Junior Reid & The One Blood Family, Stitchie, Luciano, Fanton Mojah, DYCR, Nomadzz, Stella Maris Dance Troup, C Sharp, Mark Stephenson, Nexus Performing Group, L'Acadco Dance Troup, Toisis, and The Immaculate Conception Orchestra. SPEAKERS: Dr. Barry Chevannes, Education Minister Maxine Henry-Wilson, Women One Love Healers and the Roskind Family. EMCEES: Elaine Wint, Denise "Isis" Miller, Daniel Thompson & Richie B.

In her poem – "Heal Yourself with One love, Heal Jamaica" to mark the occasion Parris-Chambers said "Begin today my beloved nation with prayer and fasting, reflect on our national anthem and pledge. You are called today to be re-born in One Love. Speak healing words; let these vibrations be food for your soul. Look down on yourself NO more. You are a gift of love. Heal yourself with One love; Heal Jamaica, One heart at a time, One heart at a time, One heart at a time." (Poetry from the Rose of Sharon: Divine Thoughts and Inspirations for Living Well)

Desmond Green, founder, Reverence for Life Foundation and Diana McIntyre-Pike, founder, Countrystyle Community Tourism Network and Villages as Businesses have agreed to share this message with their network and participate in a national launch of the One Love Call to Action on February 6 and again at the Institute of Jamaica at a time to be decided.

Motto: Out of many, One people

Values to practice: Love, Forgiveness, Trust and Respect


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