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Benton Ark City Officials and Animal Control

Dear Officials: 

We are a movement of animal advocates who have become aware of, and are
following the case of Norman, the Bull Mastiff that is facing execution. Many
of us are involved in professions involving animals such as, Vet employees,
animal behaviorists, trainers, etc. So we know and understand that accidents

Norman got out of the fence, which was an accident, and he went exploring. He came upon Shelby and her owner Cindy and tragically something occured causing Norman to shake Shelby, like you see dogs do with their toys, He didn't bite or mutilate her! The problem is that Norman is a 150 pound Bull Mastiff and Shelby, weighed 10 pounds. His actions did tragically cost Shelby her life. It is NOT justice to kill him for that, and it won't bring Shelby back.Because Norman has passed all of his behavior evaluations with flying colors, we believe that It was an accident! If  Norman had done this before, it would be a different story; but he has no prior incidents and has never shown ANY aggressive tendencies

The truth is that Norman does NOT have an aggressive bone in his body. He
has been around children and other dogs his whole life.

All we want is for Norman to get a fair shot. This is the FIRST time he has

been involved in any type of incident. He deserves a second chance!  We will be watching and expecting a fair resolution.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.

I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man." ~ Mahatma Gandhi



Normans Supporters


Kathi Norris

This petition closed about 3 years ago

How this will help

Norman is a non aggressive, gentle, and playful 150 pound Bull Mastiff who accidentally got out of his yard and went exploring. He saw a smaller 13 year old, 10 pound dog, and something triggered...

Norman is a non aggressive, gentle, and playful 150 pound Bull Mastiff who accidentally got out of his yard and went exploring. He saw a smaller 13 year old, 10 pound dog, and something triggered him to begin shaking Shelby. There was no blood, no lacerations and he certainly did not mutilate her.  He was shaking her. We have all seen dogs do this when they play with their toys, and  sadly it caused the Shelby's death. In Benton Arkansas, city officials believe that this one and only incident warrants a death sentence. Even though he has NEVER had any prior incidents of any kind, they prefer to kill him rather than give him a second chance. He has spent his entire life around special needs children and many other animals, and has never shown aggression. He was evaluated at the shelter by a professional behaviorist and passed with flying colors. After the hearing on 2/7, Norman was finally allowed to the leave the shelter and go to his new home outside the city limits. He is not allowed to go back to his home with his mom in Benton unless she appeals the decision. If she does, he could still be euthanized! 

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**********************************************************************************    SAVE NORMAN FB PAGE:PLEASE LIKE THIS PAGE & FOLLOW!/SaveNorman?fref=ts

*********************************************************************************** ANIMALCONTROL CONTACT INFO:
[email protected]     Phone: 501-776-5972 ***********************************************************************************

MAYOR DAVID MATTINGLY: (501) 776-5900  [email protected]










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