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Send a printed letter directly to the governors office by U.S. post.

This pledge closed over 4 years ago

How this will help

Snail mail plays a big role in winning big campaigns. The difference between snail mail and e-mail is...

E-Mail always shows the recepient the subject line. e.g. You send an e-mail titled "End Bear Baiting in South Carolina now!". Office staff sees the subject line and hits the delete button. Office staff can select and delete mass quantities of E-Mails at a glance. E-Mails that you spent your time writing!

Snail mail on the other hand, requires hand delivery to the office, it must be opened manually by office staff and the subject is not revealed until the letter is opened. This presents a unique problem for offices. Since there will always be incoming mail that deals with other orders of business, it is mandatory that every single letter is opened. Otherwise, other business will be ignored.

Offices feel the pressure when a huge influx of snail mail comes in as resources are tapped and the attention of all in the office is always brought back to the cause again and again. Eventually, even the postman might ask the governor to end bear baiting so he doesn't have to haul all those letters!

Bottom line is ... if you want to save these bears .... if you really want to do it .... then please send in a respectful letter to the governor by U.S. post.

We're going to win this one in the end folks. Other pledges to come soon.

For the bears!


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