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Garden City Police, Lansing Police, Michigan State Police

"Nubby" is a 3 year old female boxer who was stolen from her owners on January 21, 2013. Her owner has been trying for weeks to get "Nubby" home. A death threat and ransom was publicly posted on "Nubby's" life February, 3 2013.

Trish (owner) had answered a craigslist ad Diane Frederick had placed in search of a boxer. When she told Diane she was looking for a new home for "Nubby" where she could run and play Diane responded in favor and an agreement was made.

Diane was given a deposit slip for a $100 good-faith payment in order for her to take "Nubby" for a 4 day trial period. When Trisha attempted to contact Diane on the 4th day, January 21, 2013 Trisha's nightmare began.

1/21/2031 - Diane states, " will keep the deposit I gave you last week for her, and like we planned I will take nubby for 4 days, if your good with it after seeing nubby when I bring her back then she will be mine and i will sign the contract...this is just for a few nights to see how she is at my home with Preston."

Trisha Never saw Nubby after Diane took her. Diane never paid in full nor signed the adoption contract.

1/22/2013 - Diane states, "animal controle took her so I hope that you know youer responple for it al!! you have to pay for it all! the took me down tho their office and questioned me for 2 hours!!...u have a puppy mill!!...Now I don't have her and you wont ever have her again if I have anything to do wth it. I will never give her back."

Trisha contacted animal control and was told they were never involved in a case regarding Diane or "Nubby"

1/23/2013 - Diane states, "now its in animal controls hands & my ex-or soon to be ex-husband is going to be my lawyer when animal control is ready 4 court...they asked for permission to trace & track & copy and listen to my conversations!...she nt you do no more you wont get her back. EVER!! I have the deposit slip and I won't give it to you and I told the cops that it is my bill of sale! You cant do nothing now haha!"

1/23/2013 - Diane states, "i will sell her someone and you will never see her again...i will give her to a rescue and they will make a new name fore her..."

1/24/2013 - Diane states, "What I was supposed to do is get her fixed and give u all the proff then get AKC papers !"

Trisha never received any proof that "Nubby" has been spayed

1/27/2013 - Diane states, "PAWS also are in our life! To see how she was doing and they are very happy with the change in her so far and there report is very positive"

For the past few days Trisha received emails from Diane stating that she gave "Nubby" to a rescue. PAWS states that they were never involved in a case regarding Diane or "Nubby"

On February 4, 2013 a Craigslist posting was made with a picture of "Nubby" and the following statement:

"i mean it if you dont stop talking about me shes dead. iwill pioson her. i want a new puppy so i can get ridof this dog. if someone dont get me a pupply like i want this boxer that itook is dead."


Buster Ash

This petition closed over 2 years ago

How this will help

Diane Frederick has stated repeatedly that she has knowingly lied to the police, given false information to both the police and Trisha, claimed that organizations such as Animal Control (there is...

Diane Frederick has stated repeatedly that she has knowingly lied to the police, given false information to both the police and Trisha, claimed that organizations such as Animal Control (there is no animal control in Garden City) and PAWS Rescue have been involved when they deny involvement, and most importantly, she has publicly THREATENED TO KILL "NUBBY".

Please help BRING NUBBY HOME and INSIST that the Garden City Police, Lansing Police and Michigan State Police TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION!!!!


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