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Write the letter and mail it or fax it.

This pledge closed about 6 years ago

How this will help

Do you remember the Jeffrey Curley case? Jeffrey Curley was kidnapped and murdered. He was 10 years old. Jaynes was one of the guys involved. Google it. Please please pass this on and call 508-650-4500 He is up for parole March 19th. It doesn't matter where you live, he could move into your area. People have called and they were told this information: Write or fax letters to the Parole Board. It will give the board something to look at when they are making their decision.  The letters can be mailed or faxed to the Massachusetts Parole Board, Attention: Victim Services Unit,  12 Mercer Rd. Natick, MA 01760.  FAX 508-650-4599.

Don't forget to add the name and ID # of Jaynes to your letter. 

Reference. Murderer Charles Jaynes, Massachusetts offender ID#W65722.  I and or/ the following  people oppose the parole Release of Charles Jaynes, for his violent act of murder against 10 year old Massachusetts resident, Jeffrey Curley. Justice demands Jaynes complete the entire sentence given him at the time of his conviction. Sign and fax, I will fax my opposition today.


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