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Do the 5 things for a healthy heart - the HEART Pledge

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5 things you must do for a healthy heart - the HEART Pledge.

Use this image as a reminder on your door, pinboard, fridge, folder, desktop, screensaver, Tshirt or wherever.

For the full article and a more illustrative Infographic, visit

After reading the article, see how easy it is to remember the 5 things in the pledge for a healthier heart! Challenge your friends to remember it as quickly as you!

Take the HEART Pledge and make this month your Heart Awareness Month - get your family and friends to join with you - and enjoy a healthier heart and lifestyle. The life you save might be your friend's or yours!

For those of you on Twitter, use #heartpledge to get support for your efforts taking the HEART Pledge this month.

Heart disease can strike anyone anywhere anytime! Facebook status updates can sometimes be quite sad. Yet much heart disease is preventable. Taking the HEART Pledge for a healthy heart can help prevent heart disease. Spread the news to see how many of your Facebook friends can post status updates of healthier hearts!

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