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Public Transport Victoria

Please sign this petition if your are sick of being ripped off by myki and find it hard to use and It is just to disfunctional.

No Short term tickets, Cant always keep track of weather or not you are touched on or off.

Myki readers frequently "out of order"

Myki Machines at unmanned stations "out of order" then cant top up if no outlet nearby.

Think your touched on then dont realize until you get fined?

All these Problems plus so much more and its costing the tax payer billions, we need to get rid of Myki and go back to a system that worked for everyone! Bring back metcard!


Matt Bradfield

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How this will help

We need to something about this disfunctional transport payment system in melbourne. If you have had enough and support my quest to bring back metcard....Please sign.

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