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Hundreds of thousands of people in Kachin State have become refugees due to the ongoing civil war in Kachin State, located near the border of Burma and China. In January 2013, the Burmese military admitted that it had launched an aerial attack on an area where 25,000 refugees are sheltering. Fighting must stop.

Fighter jets continue to drop bombs throughout the region. Mortar shells rain endlessly on the people. Whenever a temporary ceasefire has been called, the Burmese military continues to advance and fortify its position, making it clear their true intent is complete control of the region.

Call on Senator John Kerry, who became America's new Secretary of State on 2/4, to pressure the Burmese military regime that governs the country to end its hostilities in Kachin State, establish a new ceasefire agreement with the Kachin Independence Organization which governs Kachin State, and participate fully and sincerely in meaningful multilateral peace talks with Burma's ethnic groups.


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