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i am donna sleight. im 12. On Monday 23rd July 2012 i was 11 year old and was hit by a car on Swinhope Road in Brookenby.. iwas rushed into intensive care unit in sheffield children's hospital where i was in a coma for days, as my family was told i had a 5% chance of survival as i had swelling and a bleed on a brain. 

i miraculously survived but i have permenant brain damage. i go to courdeaux school and they have not been very good to me. they are discriminating and some of the teachers pick on me. but its not my fault i have brain damage. they wont let me go on the london trip, but they will let me go on 2 of the other trips.

please help me to make them let me go and sign my petion 


Donna Sleight

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How this will help

Because this will help me get on the london trip which is a once in a life time chance and it will also stop this discrimination towards me  


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