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Dear KingsIsle,

The PVP arena is all but abandoned now except for players who are looking for a phony rank by using exploits, the loopholes in the system that allow for artificially inflated rank and unfair matches.  There are several at this time that are having a severe impact on the PVP environment.  The results are tragic.  The extreme ease of access to these exploits has made earning rank meaningless.  This is discouraging to long time players who have spent months and years earning a rank that they are proud of.

Watching a few matches will illustrate the current conditions.  At any given time, the queue will have a heavy percentage of puppet teams.  Not only do puppets use their uneven levels to prey upon lower level and comparatively defenseless teams, they often use down ranked players to increase the maximum gain per game.  This is so common that there are even players who form businesses, selling warlord badges via downranked puppet teams. An exploit like this, where weaker players are trapped unknowingly into unwinnable matches for the personal gain of the perpetrators, attracts the worst possible behavior.  Many who have witnessed puppet teams use the term bullying, and if bullying is defined as a stronger party harassing and exploiting a weaker one repetitively, that would be accurate.

Cyberbullying is as serious as real life bullying.  It is appalling that such behavior is tolerated.especially in a game that advertises itself as a family friendly one. Puppet teams are a perfect venue for bullies and that has not gone unnoticed.  Many puppet team matches are nothing but excuses for bullies to harass other players.  Many players are there, not because they want to rank up, they already have.  They want to "makes some noobs miserable" as I was told last week.  

I have spent hours of my time talking to players who use puppet teams.  I have been able to explain to some who weren't aware of the impact of their actions, and they agree they should stop.  But the vast majority tell me they don't care if its wrong, they don't care if it is unfair to others, they don't really even care that they are ruining the integrity of the system that they claim will give them a reward of respect and prestige among other players.

There are other exploits that make PVP unbalanced to the point of being unenjoyable: the "disconnection glitch" that makes it possible for players to never lose rank, the unlimited use of treasure cards and item cards.  And there are still more problems that perhaps don't fit the definition of "exploit" but definitely contribute to the current conditions.  

We know you want your games to have a great reputation as family friendly games.  Most players want that as well.  The further these exploits are allowed to progress, the worse the conditions get.  The arena is full of angry people. Sportsmanship  is almost unheard of.

There are several groups of mid level players that have spent the past year trying hard to improve the situation.  We have come up with many solutions and provided pages of feedback.  We have raised awareness. We have advocated for fairness.  We responded when you attempted to fix the system and needed player participation.  We organized events to test the system, then analyzed the results and sent them to you. None of our efforts has been acknowledged. We are willing to do far more than complain.  We have put action to our words.  You promised to fix this system, we need you to do the same, before it's too late.


Cassandra Lifesong

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Dear fellow players and friends, whether you play PVP or not, surely you want Wizard101 to be as family friendly as possible.  We all benefit from a bully-free environment.  Please sign to...

Dear fellow players and friends, whether you play PVP or not, surely you want Wizard101 to be as family friendly as possible.  We all benefit from a bully-free environment.  Please sign to indicate your desire for KingsIsle to keep its promise to make PVP a fair and fun part of the game again.  Send a message to cyber bullies to move on and find another game.  They aren't welcome in this game.

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