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Concerned citizens of the United States, especially families of military members

We believe that President Obama should --" ensure that
all military non-combat deaths, not of natural causes, be investigated as
potential homicides, as the most current Department of Defense Instructions,
5505.10 and 1300.18  specify.  We believe that the Department of Defense
should obey their own guidelines regarding investigations.  Rules about informing family members of these
fallen military men and women should be followed.  Breaches of the Uniform Code of Military
Justice by members of the Armed Forces which have contributed to these
non-combat deaths or to the dissemination of false official statements must be
punished according to the UCMJ.  An
independent review panel should be created to investigate discrepancies
presented by families.  "


Red Hen

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The current state of military investigations of non-combat deaths is unacceptable.


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