Pledge to

get 10 of my friend's to sign to Stop Dog Fighting within the U.K

This pledge closed over 4 years ago

How this will help

Dog fighting is an illegal crime within the U.K. And yet this crime continue's it's well organized they do this crime underground which mean's out of sight  and done in secret. We love dog's they are our pet's,our friend's and even our hero's. They are used in human rescue's. They sniff out our dangerous drug dealer's to stop them to vunerable people especiallly the young. Dog's are supported in their good deed's,but when they are being abused and even killed enough isn't done. I have created this pledge to recruit more people to sign and spread the word against all abuse of our animal's especially in Dog Fighting where they are used as bait. Please help this pledge bloom and the Dog Fighting within the u.k. gain more signature's and more publicity. Please help your support would be appreciated. 


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