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Contact Ticketmaster and My Local Politicians to express my concern with Ticketmaster's not caring a

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Annoyed you cant buy from Ticketmaster because they sell out immediately?? Tell Ticketmaster to shut down this company! :  ... we've sent in tons of complaints to Ticketmaster and their legal department; Ticketmaster acknowledged and said they'd send it to the appropriate division, but to date (over a year later), this company is still in business & their software is STEALING YOUR SEATS... So it's obvious that Ticketmaster doesnt care if real fans get the seats or not.... Let Ticketmaster and your Politicians know that this is illegal and needs to be addressed or no fan will ever get tickets (unless it's at ridiculous prices through the 2ndary market; part of which Ticketmaster owns!! (

If you need help finding names and addresses of who to contact, just ask me. But most info can be found by doing a little search engine digging.


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