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IOWA STATE RACING COMMISSION, Dubuque, Iowa ~ Brian J. Ohorilko, Administrator

Iowa Greyhound Trainer Fined, Suspended After Dog is
Neglected and Dies

31 Jan 2013 01:46 PM PST

According to a state document, Iowa greyhound
trainer was recently fined and suspended after a dog in her care
was neglected and eventually died.  The incident started when
greyhounds were being transferred from one kennel to another:

"On November 21, 2012, while transferring greyhounds
to a different kennel it was reported to the Board of Stewards that DS Cyclone,
a greyhound under your care, was in poor health."
A state ruling for the case indicates that the dog had initially
been seen by a veterinarian on November 1 for "weight loss and swollen hind legs." After an examination DS
Cyclone was placed on an IV and given medication, which was to be administered
over the next four days. The greyhound was then not seen again by a veterinarian
until fifteen days later, on November 16. According to the

"DS Cyclone was observed in the crate by a licensed
veterinarian, and still showed signs of weight loss and muscle mass loss and a
poor prognosis was given for DS Cyclone returning to racing."
state veterinarian then "discussed the option of euthanasia" with  kennel
owner  but they "decided to wait and see if the greyhound would improve."
According to the official state ruling, their delay "resulted in the further deterioration over a three-week period of
DS Cyclone
" and state regulators were informed on November 27 that the dog had died.

In taking action against the trainer  regulators found that she had neglected DS Cyclone:

"The Board of Stewards find that you failed to
provide sufficient and/or adequate veterinary care to DS Cyclone in a timely
During the investigation, Trainer  also admitted to
investigators that she had failed to report the death of another greyhound a month earlier. That dog, named DS
Trouble, was severely injured in October and "experienced paralysis of its hind quarters." Two days later, she was euthanized.

Over the past few years, Iowa greyhound
breeders have fought hard to protect a multi-million dollar subsidy they receive
from slot machine profits. Sadly, this neglect case proves that dog race
subsidies do not guarantee adequate care. In 2009 alone this kennel owner  received $229,681.95 in purse payments, and the least he could do is
ensure that dogs in his kennel receive prompt veterinary care.


Shirley Sureck

This petition closed over 3 years ago

How this will help

Injured or broken leg dogs should not be forced to lie in their kennel crates for days. This is Animal Cruelty, Abuse and Neglect. They should be immediately removed from the kennels and taken to...

Injured or broken leg dogs should not be forced to lie in their kennel crates for days. This is Animal Cruelty, Abuse and Neglect. They should be immediately removed from the kennels and taken to a specialty veterinary clinic  (an appropriate medical facility by a licensed veterinarian) to have their legs fixed promptly and properly on the track's dime. Then those injured dogs should immediately be retired to adoption groups.

Demand those held responsible for the death of this Greyhound, be more than inconvenienced by  temporary suspension, but should include suspension, probation, a fine and/or  should forfeit loss of  state license, in addition be exempt from future handling of any Greyhound in any setting.  The deciding Steward stated this person was responsible for neglect. This person was indifferent to pain and suffering and failed all responsibilities to any Greyhound in her care and should not be trusted.

Please sign this petition if you believe as I do.

Thanking you, AnimalActionUSA


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