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Support our young students in keeping their school Hearst Elementary School on west 47th street and every school on the south and west sides from closing by signing this petition. Everyone has to come together in one voice. There are statements that mention that “OUR YOUTH ARE OUR FUTURE” if this is so every adult that is walking and talking should be concern about the future of our youth’s educational experiences.

In years passed the community and parents has not had a voice in what happen to and within our community public schools. There are yearly hearing whereas there are suppose to be a public forums where the powers to be are to hear what the community thinks and act to the problem accordingly. After the hearing is over the board of education still do what they want to do and not listen to the suggestions of the community.

Case in point, many high school had been closed and students was transferred to Hyde Park located on 63rd & Stony Island, daily there has been gang fights, students had been killed from shootings, fights on the public bus and the Chicago Police Dept. walking 63rd street with machine guns.

Each Chicago Public School has a community government body which the Chicago Public Schools has tried over the years to get put of the picture by down grading them and not really supporting the general idea of community control and listening to the community voice.

The current battle cry is “Charter Schools” which if not all of us, most believe are better, when in fact the best of best Chicago Public Schools students are taken from the public schools and the Charter schools take credit for their learning and good grades and almost to the minute their grades drop they are most likely  put out of the charter school. Many businesses and others are investing in Charter Schools because of the very large pay daya fir the owners.

It’s nothing about educating our children it all about those dead white presidents printed on green paper. It has nothing to do with our students learning in a positive educational learning environment.

We need to voice in one voice that our communities’ schools stop being closed with out the input of our students, parents, school’s staff and community members at large.

Need more support from the City of Chicago, the Chicago’s Board of Education and the Chicago Public Schools of each community school’s Local School Council. "STOP CLOING COMMUNITY SCHOOLS!"


Darnell T. Glover

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How this will help

Each adult has made the statement,  has the mind set to believe to be a fact that "Our youth are our future!" When in fact we as an adult community body has let each of them down by not standing...

Each adult has made the statement,  has the mind set to believe to be a fact that "Our youth are our future!" When in fact we as an adult community body has let each of them down by not standing up for what is right, we all knows what is right, but the thing is doing the right thing towards our youth as far as their educational system..

We as adult has allow a system that was created for our youth welfare to, let each of them down. There are no longer too many people or should I say adults in the community that is willing to be mentors too many of our youths saying; "They are not my concern and surly not my children.

There is currently no longer any places they can go that is safe and where they can learn a trade or learn something positive to do within the community. No longer do many of our churches have a youth night or activities during the week that our youths can attend; so to me "Our youth are our future!" is a joke.

If this was the case we as a community of adults would be making a better life and creating a better learning environment for our youths if not for any thing else but to look out for our own adult hood future because if we are not doing the right thing by our youth, why should they looked out for us during the stages of old aged..

Stop the powers to be from closing our public schools and voice that they help to create better public schools

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