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Raise money for the life of Matei Albotica!

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Save Matei!

Matei was born on the 3rd of January 2013 and he is the only child of the family; he was born at the correct date and even though all the tests done before were very good, he has a serious heart problem. Matei's problem is similar to what Eric Andrei Mladin experienced mid-November 2012 and who is now healthy due to our help.

Matei cannot breath by himself and he permanently needs 50% external oxygen received through medical devices otherwise he can't survive. Unfortunately, in Romania the so necessary surgery that can give Matei a chance to live is not possible and he has to urgently reach the same German clinic that also saved Eric's life ( The surgery will be conducted by the same doctor as in Eric's case, Dr. Eugen Sandica. Currently, this clinic and this doctor are the chance of life for Matei and for all the other children born with heart issues.

The surgery for Matei is free of charge due to the Romanian form E112, still his parents would need a lot of money to save his life. The trip from Romania to Germany is of around 15000€ plus 2000€ for the return. The transportation is so expensive because Matei needs medical assistance during the flight and also a special plane; to these approximate 17000€, they would also need money for their stay in Germany, the medication as well as the post-surgery costs.

We can all contribute to save his life! We did it once, we can do it again!

Any contribution is very much appreciated and brings Matei closer to a normal and healthy life.

You can contribute by using the following details:

IBAN accounts:
LEI account: RO42RNCB0616016919720001; account opened at BCR Bank (CNP/PIN – 1850104440030) - Name: Marius Ioan Albotica

EURO account: RO59RNCB0072114843510002; SWIFT RNCB RO BU; account opened at BCR Bank (CNP/PIN – 2801202030019) - Name: Albotica Ramona Nicoleta

PayPal:  ; [email protected]

You can get in contact with Matei's father, Marius Albotica, by using his mail ([email protected]) or mobile phone (+40724 04 10 79)

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