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Are you sick and tired of using a service that censors you? You do not owe facebook anything at all! In fact facebook needs you! They sell your information to big corporations and make billions! How dare they censor you! You are told how many friends requests you can send. Blocked like a child and facebook acts like a parent to adults? You are censored and others snitch on you like tattle tales! Facebook needs you! You do not need facebook! Tell facebook to stop the parenting and the control over you! You are an individual not a child! If you are a racist then be a racist and post what you please! If you are gay, then post away! Live and let live! People can defriend and not report to facebook! People have the right to be themselves no matter what and this is a social network so stop the blocking of friends requests! That is simply stupid! Stop the fascist control of people and let people be themselves! Remember that we are on facebook and we do not get paid! Facebook is making billions because of us! 


Ragnar Thorson

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