Sign the Petition to New York State Legislature and Governor Andrew Cuomo

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Workers in our State of New York and all 50 States deserve a safe work environment, free of hostile, extreme and traumatic abuse by out-of-control "Bully Bosses".  It's a growing problem, not protected by Human Rights Law, with growing concern about the serious consequences when worker's complaints are ignored. Management's failure to assist victims can ultimately lead to suicide and even workplace homicide. I ask your support in signing this Petition to ask our Legislators and Governor to pass the Healthy Workplace Bill and make it a Law this year, 2013. The cost of ignoring workplace abuse is too great to ignore. Your signature and passage of this Law may even help you, a family member or friend in the future. Please sign and share. I too am a target of such abuse. My friends are lobbying in Albany this month and need all our help to succeed. Thanks!


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