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New York State Legislature and Governor Andrew Cuomo

Our State Legislature is meeting this month, February 2013, in Albany. I am asking you to help support the "Healthy Workplace Bill", which is a reasonable law to stop workplace abuse, often known as "Bullying". Schoolyard Bullies and "Cyber-Bullies" often grow up to become Workplace Bullies.

Happy, Productive, Good, - even Popular Workers are targeted for abuse. They are NOT Whiners or Complainers, as some may think. Often, they are selected, because their good traits present a threat to a "bad" Boss. A bully works at making a Good Worker look bad to others, in order to cover up their own deficiencies and make themselves look good. - And, it's well documented!

Professional Research indicates that many Bully Bosses suffer from various Personality Disorders, including Psycopathy. They sometimes present themselves to others as the legendary Norman Bates of Hitchcock's "Psycho" , who "Wouldn't Hurt a Fly". They often torment targets by overloading them with new assignments and useless tasks that cannot be completed, deprive them of necessary tools, isolate, berate, and shout obscenities, threaten and brow beat a target incessantly. Management is often unwilling to get involved. Sometimes they fear retaliation from the bully, lawsuits, or simply fail to understand a targeted worker's plea for help.

Victims often choose to quit their jobs if they can. Some ask for transfers or extended sick leave hoping the situation can be resolved. Managers often transfer or even promote a bully to get rid of them. Without effective Laws, management's hands are tied. Bullies are especially known to be "Equal Opportunity" in selecting their targets.

Human Rights and other laws seldom protect targets, which ultimately seals their fates as Victims. It doesn't matter what Race, Creed, Sexual Orientation, or Ethnic Background a target is, unless it can be proven that a target was victimized due to being in a protected class. In other words, unless a Bully's actions are directed at a worker, because the worker is black, lesbian, wiccan, or latino, etc.  A victim has no rights.

Sadly, some victims, bereft of all hope, sometimes face severe trauma (PTSD), unemployment, loss of family, friends, even their homes. This and related factors have caused victims to commit suicide and even workplace homicide, as noted in FBI reports and the media. Your signing and sharing today will be a tremendous help .

Several groups are lobbying this month to see this law get through. I have also done so in the past, but am not able to this year. This petition is my attempt to help the dedicated people who helped me, when I needed it and my way of thanking them for all their hard work.


Amenti Violet

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Workers in our State of New York and all 50 States deserve a safe work environment, free of hostile, extreme and traumatic abuse by out-of-control "Bully Bosses".  It's a growing problem, not...

Workers in our State of New York and all 50 States deserve a safe work environment, free of hostile, extreme and traumatic abuse by out-of-control "Bully Bosses".  It's a growing problem, not protected by Human Rights Law, with growing concern about the serious consequences when worker's complaints are ignored. Management's failure to assist victims can ultimately lead to suicide and even workplace homicide. I ask your support in signing this Petition to ask our Legislators and Governor to pass the Healthy Workplace Bill and make it a Law this year, 2013. The cost of ignoring workplace abuse is too great to ignore. Your signature and passage of this Law may even help you, a family member or friend in the future. Please sign and share. I too am a target of such abuse. My friends are lobbying in Albany this month and need all our help to succeed. Thanks!


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