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Do my best to help the poor in educating their children

This pledge closed almost 4 years ago

How this will help

cases are to be taken from islamabad and rawalpindi only, as our project is just on the very initial stages... what we need is not a big army of people, but a few, determined and committed people.

RAY, a project assigned on the event of Shabash Pakistan, under the umbrella of Sha'oor Society of Air University, is collaborating with the edvolution project already working in Karachi. 

our aim is to spread awareness among the masses of lower class and to help them in educating their children. 

our method is quite simple... a mere contribution of 100 rupees a month from students is not a big deal. but it means a lot to the poor. we use the contributed amount to bear the educational expenditures of the needy children. 

educate the youth, help our country prosper and enjoy satisfaction both here and hereafter. May Allah help us in our sacred struggle!  

if you are interested in joining us, and are from Islamabad or Rawalpindi,
have some cases like we need, please let us know.

you can inform us by calling:
Muhammad Usama 0334-5153728

or by mailing at:

[email protected]

thank you!

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