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A record of the data of those who, present in the municipalities, are free of habitual residence.

NOT owning this requirement , it means NOT be resident anywhere. Therefore, they need a different legal treatment that precisely consists recording in a special register.

Residence is a fundamental tool for the recovery of the rights of citizenship and for promoting a possible path to social reintegration, as well as providing a useful parameter to promote new social policies for the home.

Homeless people, from a social point of view, constitutes a particular social sharply rising problem. The homeless person is not on the road for free choice: there is a direct relationship between those who are jobless and vagrant.

No one is therefore exempts from the awareness of the phenomenon, stopping the superficiality of it.

The Homeless people is part of the "extreme poverty" or "serious marginalization ": this people are related to lack of material needs (housing, food, income from employment or retirement, health, hygiene) and to the lack of contact with the family, the community in which you live, and society in general.

The lack of a well as the house (which all have) is already due to
inability to fit into society and to interact "naturally" with others.
On this issue I note, finally, the lack of strong institutions in responding both quantitatively and qualitatively professionally to address the needs mentioned above.

Not just a traditional approach, the nature of care: organized interventions are needed to restore dignity to homeless people, giving a "sense" to life.
In conclusion, I think I can say that, given the steady increase of
number of Homeless, it is necessary to engage all institutions, especially local ones, to activate the register of Homeless and, simultaneously, to issue a municipal regulation, opened to the contribution of participatory community, in order to define the fields and areas of intervention on the phenomenon, also including an integrated system of interventions and social services ..

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