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The Ecuadorian government's recent launch of a bidding round for 16 new oil blocks in southeastern Ecuador is one of the greatest threats to some of the last remaining tracts of primary forest in the Amazon. The oil blocks, covering nearly 10 million acres of virgin rainforest, are poised to devastate this fragile and highly biodiverse environment and the wellbeing of the six indigenous nationalities that have lived in this area for centuries. 

Local indigenous communities oppose the XI Oil Round and refute the government's claim that consent was obtained in these communities, stating that a proper consultation process did not occur in accordance with international legislation and Ecuador's constitution.

These communities need your help to send a group of delegates to the oil prospecting industry's NAPE Expo in Houston to raise awareness and stop the oil round before bidding closes this summer.

NEXT WEEK Amazon Watch will accompany two indigenous leaders: Narcisa Mashienta and Jaime Vargas to confront the companies attending the oil expo in Houston to stand up for their people and their lands, and to protect the Amazon for all of our benefit. 

Please join our fundraising campaign to support Jaime and Narcisa to make this important journey. Stay tuned for updates as they confront governmental leaders and oil executives in Texas.

Thank you! 


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