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There is a proposed amendment to the abortion law of Connecticut.  This amendment would make it mandatory that a health care provider give a minimum of 48 hours notice to a parent or legal guardian of any minor prior to performing an abortion.  This could lead to mistrust and fear among girls under 18 that become pregnant, whether by one's own fault or by rape, or incest; resulting in these young teens finding alternative means of assistance, something that could jeopardize their health and/or lives.  This would also place health care providers in an awkward position, as they have not been obligated to do so as of this date, and now suddenly have to change their way of practice.  If the girl decides not to give her parents/guardians information in order for the health care provider to contact them, then obviously the girl would be denied an abortion procedure, meaning she again might seek illegal and/or alternative measures.  This would also lead to more unwanted babies being born, and having to grow up in unloving families, or being thrown in dumpsters.  Please, let's fight to do what we can and stop this proposal before it is approved.  Please sign my petition to not change Connecticut abortion laws.

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