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Greetings Rattlers, it has come to my attention that we have a Golden Opportunity to increase our Season Ticket Sales and bring positive exposure to FAMU. If the contract between FAMU and the MEAC has not been signed. It would be in our best interest to play Grambling in Tallahassee. I can confirm that Doug Williams is interested in playing FAMU in Tallahassee on August 31st. In my opinion, that is a MUCH better deal than us playing Mississippi Valley in Orlando. Here are the reasons why:

(1) If we are indeed serious about building momentum towards a new stadium, adding a Marquis Team like Grambling would be a step in the right direction. Grambling is an ICON in College Football with both their band and team. Mississippi Valley IS NOT. Furthermore, we are debuting a new coach, and potentially a new band. We would be able to put people in the seats, and even make quality use of The Lawson Center by having a Battle of the Bands on Friday Night. Even if The 100 DOES NOT return this season this game would still draw over 20,000.  We would have a classic atmosphere in Bragg Stadium. Furthermore, we would be able to keep the money. It is Labor Day Weekend, and people will be willing to travel to Tallahassee. Grambling traditionally draws wherever they go. Mississippi Valley DOES NOT.

(2) Playing a Marquis Team like Grambling would enable us to build our local fan base even more. People locally are excited about Earl Holmes and him being able to debut in Tallahassee would be HUGE for us locally in that the locals would have another opportunity to see their team play.

(3) The debut of The new Band can not be understated. FAMU has a World Famous Band / Grambling has a World Famous Band. It would be a Battle Royale, and the perfect opening season. matchup.

(4) We would still be able to capitalize on potential TV revenue with ESPN or other network because of time of the year, & the attractiveness of the game.

(5) Having the Alumni here for an additional game creates additional opportunities for the Alumni Association, Boosters, & FAMU Foundation to raise money.

(6) It brings money to Tallahassee, which creates additional opportunities for sponsorships and partnerships, which will assist our efforts in getting a new stadium, and events. Furthermore,  our fans deserve the opportunity to see Rival Games in Bragg Stadium. It gives our local audience an opportunity to view our tradtional rivalries at home. It's unfair to ask our fans to continue to travel unnecessarily paying for food, gas, and lodging in addition taking away much valued revenue away from Tallahassee and FAMU. The money spent on travel expenses could be spent as a donation to FAMU Athletics.  On average our fans spend $100-$150 on gas, $200 on lodging,  & $200 on food. All of that money is being spent away from Tallahassee and FAMU in another municipality. The Bottom Line is we need to BRING THAT MONEY TO TALLAHASSEE.  In closing, the idea to play Tennessee State in Jacksonville is Ludicrous. The Tennessee State rivalry is special. It was in its heyday in our home and home series. The game would average over 20,000 EVERY TIME. The same 30,000 we would potentially draw in Jacksonville, is the same 30,000 we need to put in Bragg. We again need to create the habit of establishing a Classic Environment at home. We could also have a Battle of the Bands on Friday Night before the game in The Lawson Center or Gaither Gym against the Aristocrat of Bands. It would be ELECTRIC.  We have to have a bigger vision of athletics. We SAY that we want a new stadium in Bragg, and you NEED to play 5 or 6 games at home per year in order to finance such a project. FAMU needs to have 4 year home and home contracts with rivals the likes of Grambling, Alabama State, Southern and Tennessee State. This will energize the Rattler Nation & Increase our Gameday Revenue. With that increased energy is the opportunity to justify new facilities, conference realignment, sponsorships and marketing in the Tallahassee market, etc. This is a No Brainer in my Opinion.  Let's Go Rattlers,


Kofi Hemmingway

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