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I did not like your racist stereotypical commercial. If your goal was to get Jamaicans to purchase your product, you have made a serious mistake. I will tell you why:
• Saying BomboClat in a commercial is swearing. That word would never be used on Jamaican radio, TV or respectable print media. If you said “Bomboc--- on TV or radio in Jamaica, you would have been fined. i.e The singer Sean Paul said that word in one of his concerts on the island was fined, and he had to do community service for speaking indecent language in public.
• The voice over actors were not Jamaicans
• Where were the positive Jamaicans and Jamaican images, if you were targeting a Jamaican audience?
I as well as many other Jamaicans on the island and in the Diaspora did not like that Ad; we have disposable incomes and it will not be used to purchase your products. Apologize to the Jamaican community and do a community service for Jamaica to make this offence right.


Jamaican Diaspora

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Stop exploiting Jamaicans.


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