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I paid for a Wellness Plan for five years when we signed up for the plan we were told that in the case of an emergency we could bring Spike in and receive treatment. We were also told that in the case that it was something this clinic could not deal with we would be sent to the Bafield in North Denver which is a 24 hour full care hospital a place where we were sent for a prior emergency and treated because Spike need more extensive care. But when my beloved Spike was attacked by another dog and injured Banfield sent me away not to North Denver location as they said they would. To an outside hospital because they didn't want to perform a eye removal a surgery which they did regularly there. This wasn't a complex or complicated surgery beyond the scope of this clinic. Its routine and takes about ten minutes to complete. I called before we went in to the clinic explained what happened and was told to bring him into the 160 Wadsworth Blvd location in Lakewood Colorado. When we arrived they took him in the back for a minute brought him back to me bloody deflated eye still exposed. No one offered a towel to wipe his face. Nor one to keep myself or my 15 year old son who was crying from being covered in blood. No one even bandaged his eye so we didn't have to look at him with his deflated eye hanging out. We were told he could live with one eye but his doctor was not there. I asked if they would call her since she had been his personal vet for 4 years and was the doctor who could preform the surgery he need to remove his eye. The tech refused and told us to take Spike elsewhere. I was sent to ACCESS EMERGENCY HOSPITAL when we walked in we were put in a room and told someone would be right in. We waited and no one came my son walked to the back were he found the staff talking and having tea. He yelled can someone please help us my dog is bleeding and in pain. A tech came in with paperwork asking how we planned on paying for his treatment. We were told it would cost 1,200.00 to 1,500.00 for them to see him. I informed them I didn't have that and was told either apply for there credit card or find another vet. My boyfriend was upset and yelling asking why we weren't being helped or why banfield had sent us there if they weren't willing to work with us or give us the 50% dicount we should have recieved at Bandfield as plan holders. My boyfriend asked if they expected us to take Spike home to suffer. The tech said you aren't willing to pay for his care and are just going to let him suffer she then left the room. Upon her return she informed us that she had called the police and animal control. They arrived asked my boyfriend to leave. The animal control officer asked if I was going to take Spike home to died I said no. She said if I didn't find a vet they would take him from me because this hospital wasn't going to help us and we were told to wait outside the building for my older son who was half an hour away when I called him. When he arrived we then begin a search driving around Denver to find help. After 3 different vets I was sent to HERMOSA VET CLINIC where I was told treatment for Spike would cost 500.00 up front I only had$250.00 and they wouldn't make a payment arrangement till friday for the remainder. I was told he was in pain and that I couldn't leave him like that till friday. This was monday afternoon so I was forced to put him down. When I called Banfield to cancel our plans for Spike, Petey and Sophie after I put Spike down they told me even if he had been seen at Bandfield I would have only received a discount for services and they wanted to charge me to cancel our three wellness plans. I never missed a monthly payment for my plans or missed a payment on any payment arrangement I made for services I received at Banfield. I have discovered nation wide plan holders who encounter tragic endings because Banfield does not want to provide service. I never heard from anyone at anyone at the 130 Wadsworth location again until I posted a letter on the Banfield corporate Facebook page two weeks later. Dr. Ashley Bardo Spike's vet and Chief Of Staff called and said they should have done more to help us and that she should had been called as I asked. Our original vet at this location had died. He had seen our other dog Petey for parvo and always worked with us when it came to services and payments. Had I known that this location would treat us so badly after his death I would have left upon his death.This was not the first time Banfield neglected Spike. Two weeks before his death I had taken him in for a check up and blood draw which he needed because He suffered from seizures at that visit I informed the tech that he was low on medication and would need a three day script to get him through until his test came back and they could write his regular three month script. She told me she would tell the doctor and call in the three day script that afternoon. This request was something they had done for us many times before. They always chose the date of his blood work near the end of his current prescription because they said that if his medication levels had to be changed it would be easier to just write a new script then. After his visit that afternoon I called to see if his meds were ready and learned they never called in the script. I then called Banfield and was told they were sorry and would inform the doctor asap. The next moring called to see if his meds were ready once again no. I again called Banfield told them he was on his last day of meds could they make sure to call in his three day script and was told ok. Later that day checked on the prescription and once again nothing. When I called Banfield was told there was no record of my request and they would get a hold of his vet as she had left for the day. That night he had two seizures. I called Bandfield first thing in the morning and was told his blood work would be back that day and his three month script would be called in. They knew he needed meds and just didnt care. I hold Banfield responsible because they refused to call the vet who was in charge of his care as I asked, and did not even try to help us they could have offered the option to keep him at the 24 hour north location they had sent us to on a prior emergency until Dr. Bardo came in the next day. Instead they sent was away to strangers whose only concern was payment they were callous and did nothing for us. Bandfields staff need to be better trained and there policies need to be change because pets are not expendable. Bandfield has had an open file with the BBB since 2000 with complaints surrounding contracts and customer service. Bandfield has a history of misdiagnosing pets, subjecting pet to unneeded treatments for profit all thing I discovered after Spike's death so something must be wrong. SPIKE WAS MY BABY THE LAST THING ON THIS EARTH I WANTED TO DO WAS PUT HIM DOWN. IF BANFIELD HAD PROVIDED TREATMENT INSTEAD OF SENDING US AWAY SPIKE WOULD STILL BE WITH US. Spike's story is only one of thousands across the internet there are pages like and Banfield is the wrong place to take your pets on Facebook. Where owners share their stories about abuse neglect and fraud. Banfield history of these acts go back to the 80's when they were called Companion. For Spike, Sprinkles, Pepper, Money and all the other pets Bandfield has hurt or cause to be taken away too soon It is time someone looks into what is taking place.


Maria Arguello

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I want to ensure no pet owner ever has to put down their pet when they could have recieved the care their owners are told they can receive when they sign up . Banfield needs to better train there...

I want to ensure no pet owner ever has to put down their pet when they could have recieved the care their owners are told they can receive when they sign up . Banfield needs to better train there staff on how to handel emergencies and have experienced compassionate doctors and techs  in every clinic all the time. The first priority should be helping the injured pet and there family. There policies need to be changed so that people aren't lead to believe that they can bring there pets there for more then shots. And are not lead to believe that you will be sent to another Banfield if it something your clinic doesn't what to deal with as we were when we bought our plan. My fight is not only for Spike but for all the other babies and families who were mislead and lost. And to avoid any more of these tragic stories 


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