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Keep Konar Davenport & his family in my prayers and/or send positive vibes their way

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How this will help

Konar who is an amazing little boy that is fighting hard… Two weeks ago, he had uncontrollable seizures and was air flown to UC Davis Hopital where they found that little 9 year old Konar had a brain tumor. After undergoing surgery to try and remove it, the doctors found that the tumor was too entwined in Konor's brain to be fully removed. Today, the results were received from the biopsy and  Konar was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma Gleoma… It's a high grade Cancer that cannot be removed because it infiltrates into the normal brain tissue… The prognosis isn't good news… Konar has a 20% chance of living more than 3-4years… He will be starting radiation next week that will last 5-7 weeks at a time. The road ahead will be a rough one for Konar and his family but there is always hope. Let's help make a miracle happen for Konar by keeping him in our prayers and/or sending him positive vibes. There is strength in numbers so let's all keep Konar in our thoughts! <3


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