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Why Horse Burger Scandal Could Happen Here

While everyone jokes about horse meat contaminated  burgers in the UK, several states are trying 2 approve horse slaughter 4 human consumption right here.  So how could this play out in America?  And why r issues w/horse meat far bigger than the industry is admitting?

1: What's in it & where is it from?

Horse meat from Poland ended up in ground beef in Ireland isn't so far-fetched when you understand how the industry operates.  Dr. Friedlander, DVM, a former USDA inspector and trainer used 2 see "big tubs of beef from different plants ground together" This makes it difficult 2 trace liability 2 any particular plant in the case of e-coli contamination".

The Kansas City Star went inside four of America's largest packing plants (Cargill, JBS, Tyson & National Beef), & found tubs of scraps waiting 2 be ground into burgers, just like the ones Dr. Friedlander talked about. The practice was also exposed in a  2 009 New York Times article, "The Burger That Shattered Her Life." (E-coli contamination is a high risk & it's not just disparate parts of different cattle from different plants & countries that find their way into burger meat, but pork & horse meat as well.)

2 : States want 2 cash in on slaughtering horses

Rural U.S. lawmakers w/ties 2 the cattle industry & economically-strapped horse breeding registries have been pushing 2 reopen horse slaughter plants in the states since the last three plants shut down in  2007. 

Tuesday February 5th, OK lawmakers are poised 2 try again when bill SB375 is scheduled for review.  What's behind it are the 150,000 U.S. horses now being slaughtered in Canada & Mexico 4 markets overseas plus the 45,000 mustangs captured by the BLM (& warehoused @ taxpayer expense 2 make more room 4 cattle).  They also want 2 slaughter horses disposed of by racetracks, rodeos, horse breeders & owners who no longer want their horses.

OK Sen. Mark Allen is trying 2 grab that business 4 his state, which ranks 4th nationally in horse ownership. His bill (SB375) would overturn OK's existing ban on selling/producing horsemeat—a somewhat dodgy maneuver, given OK's billing as the "US horse show capital"

3: Burger King's 'cover-up' of horse meat scandal turns up cancer-causing drug in UK abattoirs

That's the news from a Jan 28 Daily Mail article, & there r countless others just like it popping up all over the media.  And this is relevant here—especially since U.S. horses r more medicated than anywhere in the world w/drugs banned in food animals by the FDA, where even 1-time use is illegal in any animal slaughtered 4 human consumption.

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