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Vote for Action Aid for Animals

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How this will help  Just copy and paste this link into your browser, scroll down and you will see the charity logo, to the right of that you will see a red button which says donate 1 click...just click on it. It may ask you to log in with your fb login, so do that and voila.....

Our friends at Action Aid for Animals (Romania Animal Aid, UK) have entered the One Click contest, which will allow them to possibly win funds to purchase supplies and food to distribute in Romania.  Action Aid for Animals is a great charity from the UK who have adopted hundreds of puppies and dogs into wonderful homes, as well as purchasing and transporting thousands of pounds of food and supplies from the UK to Romania to help the animals.  I "Clicked" for Action Aid for Animals, and I hope you will too!  Let's see them win!  If they win, the animals in Romania win!!

Thank you dear friends!  Nancy


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