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Our education system doesn't give children a chance to learn about money, it instead keeps them locked in with the traditional thinking of 'Go to School, get good grades and find a safe secure job" At school we are taught how to get good grades and look for jobs yet in this changing world one has to be a job creator. Unemployment rates are on the rise worldwide. The question is "How can we be more of job creators than people looking for jobs?"

I discovered the primary reason the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle-class struggle in debt and is because the subject of money and personal finance is not taught in school.  Most of us learn about money for our own and the few from their parents. Money is not taught in school. Schools focus on providing scholastic and professional skills, but not financial skills. This fact explains why many professionals like accountants, doctors and bankers who earned first class degrees in school still struggle financially all their lives. The subject of money is a universal subject yet there is no subject/course at the school/university teaching students how to manage their financial matters. No matter what course one does at the university, they need to know the basics about money. Everyone has a brain to startup something as long as they learn financial education.

While school may enable students to pursue rewarding careers, many graduates still lack the financial literacy and knowledge to develop wealth. Higher education and a job don't guarantee wealth. It's the application of financial knowledge, which separates the rich from the poor. Traditional schooling which is very important can't make you a successful entrepreneur. Schools are designed to teach you professional skills which will help you look for a job. Now more than ever people need to understand how to have their money work for them other than working for money.  If you are still in school, you have two choices: study hard, get good grades and look for a job or play it smart by getting educated in financial matters. This way you will awaken your financial mastermind. If you don't want to struggle in the future, get financial education and startup your own business. Grab a copy of my latest book. THINK LIKE THE RICH

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