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Thank you! I knew you cared enough to help me continue on this audacious journey to stop abuse.  I truly believe, with your help, love CAN conquer all

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. The day we remind ourselves, and all thespecial people in our lives, just how much we love them. How lucky are we, to be so

Not everyone is that lucky. Millions upon millions of men, women, children and seniorshave no idea how 'love' feels. All they feel is the pain of abuse. Physical, sexual,
verbal, emotional, financial.

But your love can help heal their pain. Not just for a single day, but forever more.

Donate at least $10 to Stop Abuse Campaign. In return we'll mail your true love a one-of-a-kindValentine's Day card, with any message you want. A True Love Card. A truly, true lovecard.

Because in addition to telling your one-and-only how you feel, it also speads yourmessage of love to all those in need. And to all of us, who need to be reminded we can,and must, stop abuse.

$10. Less than a heart-shaped box of chocolates. And so much sweeter.

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