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To shatter the silence and prevent sexual violence.

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PAVE's efforts boldly aspire to one day transform our nation into one free from sexual assault -- and to ensure that until we collectively realize this transformative vision, that no victim ever feels alone or disempowered.

I pledge to join the collective and collaborative movement to end sexual violence, domestic violence, harassment, assault and rape.

I pledge to not sweep sexual assault under the rug - I acknowledge that it happens all too often, and it is up to all of us to end it!

I pledge to support survivors.

I pledge to step in if I see something.

I pledge to intervene if someone is being threatened, harassed, or bullied.

I pledge to not use language that blames the victim/survivor.

I pledge to believe every person who discloses a sexual assault.

I pledge to educate myself on the definitions and prevalence of sexual assault.

I pledge to promote consent..."May I hug you?" "May I kiss you" and cultivate a culture of mutual respect.

I pledge to acknowledge that sexual violence, assualt, rape and domestic violence has no bounds... anyone can be victimized: men, women, children, elderly, and in every class and ethnicity.

I pledge to be an ambassador for change - and work towards creating a supportive community.

I pledge to be a responsible parent and protect my child from those who harm.

If I am a survivor, I pledge to make the conscious choice to embark on a journey to heal - and know that healing is possible for everyone!


PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment works to educate communities about sexual and domestic violence, empower victims, and eradicate injustice.  PAVE's work has been featured on CNN, Today Show, Dr. Drew Show and TIME. PAVE works on both prevention and intervention.


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