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Help Raise Awareness To Childhood Cancer

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Let's continue on the fight to Raise awareness for Childhood Cancer ★♡

Thank you sooo much to all my members who have helped My cause reach 9,000 memebers WOW is all I can say :) I never relized when I started this cause that we would EVER reach this many people but with the help from all of you, WE DID IT !!! So let's keep it going, lets set a new record and continue to spread the word on Leukemia, In hopes that we can together possibly save anyone else from the loss my family & I have endured. Again Thank you soooo very much & let's keep up the great work!!!! ~ Kyla ~ Cheanelle's Very proud Mom XoXo

Oh & If you haven't done so yet..Please like My personal Page I have for Cheanelle Too... 

https InLovingMemoryOfCheanelleHempsteadNOurAngels

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