Sign the Petition to Judge Robert Burgess, Mayor Curtis McCoy of Mansfield LA, CPS, The LA Attorney General, the state reps., Governor Bobby Jindil, and the LA Judicial committee.

Please grant the Mary Stoker (mother) custody of Raven and Rayden and have Clydia McDonald and Billy Farmer (registered sex offender) arrested for contempt of court.


Jeff Stoker

These kids were given temporary custody to their 73 yr. old grand mother (Clydia McDonald) based on hearsay this lady has high blood pressure and suffers from anxiety her son Billy Farmer is Raven and Rayden's biological father and is a registered sex offender. He was court ordered not to be around the children by Judge Burgess and Clydia was ordered not to let him around them. However she still allows him around them daily putting them at danger. We have reported it to our lawyer which refused to report it to the Judge claiming the Judge will not want to hear it. We have reported it to both law enforcement and cps yet no one wants to help. Something needs to get done and fast. Please sign this petition and help get Rayden and Raven back with my wife and I so we know they are safe.Below is a link showing Billy's sex offender profile. This is the sex offender allowed the be around the kids against court orders.


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