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Doctors in Croatia

I went on January 29, 2013 to sign up for my state licensing examination and got rejected for being a foreigner.  From 1994, there have been various small discriminating actions against foreigners to work in Croatia.  Ever since I have been here, the Croatian government has changed the rules for student temporary stay permits to only count as half a year, they have limited the amount of work permits for medical doctors and they have created many visa road blocks for students, interns and doctors; thus making it nearly impossible to work in a nation that claims that they are missing doctors.

This petition is to change the "pravilnik" (NOT "ZAKON") to accommodate foreigners who have done their internship here and should have the right to do the "strucni ispit" (state examinations).  We were promised that things would be done by the end of January, but we are still waiting for the changes and hope that the next line will not affect our situation:

"Prijava se može podnijeti ministarstvu najranije 30 dana prije isteka pripravničkog staža, a najkasnije 6 mjeseci nakon završenog pripravničkog staža."


Yeop Azman

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How this will help

Croatia needs more doctors, foreigners want to stay here and work, because of family, girlfriend, love for the country, or otherwise.


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