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I am painting 5500 shelter dogs, (whom have already been killed) to illustrate the outrageous number of dogs that are killed every day in our shelters.

This will be the first and only Memorial Museum of its kind in the world. 

This is being created to raise forever funds for shelters across America, so that when I am long gone, it will continue to be a dependable lifeline for saving all shelter animals.

100% is to be donated towards organizations and groups that are committed to creating a no-kill nation. These funds will save all shelter animals...cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. 

Video 1: An Act of Dog "One Man Painting 5500 Shelter Dogs Using Art for Social Change" -

Video 2: Oreo The Painted Story

Video 3: Senior Pit Bull Batman and his Cold Fate


I need you to invest your kindness today, and help me finish history in the making. Compassionate change can only happen when we all come together and do the right thing. 

I am asking you to donate what you can afford, ask friends to donate what they can afford, and help me change the status quo. Together we can build this Memorial, and ensure that the future for our shelter animals is compassion over killing.

You can donate to our (501c3) here on Causes, or become a Sponsor or Benefactor at our website link immediately below:

I appreciate you for donating, because you care and because you can.

An Act of Dog

Mark Barone & Marina Dervan    


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