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Respond to and spread this message to HELP FREE Vanunu

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How this will help

The Israeli elections maybe the good news Vanunu has been waiting for and the link will explain WHY.

Currently there are 8,423 members of this Cause and THANK YOU EVERY ONE!

This Cause is only as strong as its members are committed to Do Something to HELP FREE Vanunu and with only 2 Administrators we need YOU!

PLEASE READ the article from The Financial Times and suggest your ways that we the people of the world can get the message to Mr. Lapid, the newly elected political sensation in Israel to end the vendetta SECURITY holds against Vanunu for alerting them to their lax security at Dimona and for telling the world THE TRUTH about Israel's WMD!

Let's Petition Lapid to FREE Vanunu and Open the Dimona


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