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Make a Difference in the life of someone living with AIDs

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Make a Difference Today -- Pay It Forward

We ride to raise awareness and knowledge about HIV/AIDS among participants, their donors, and the general public. We ride because—in the current economy—our agencies need these funds more than ever. Ultimately, we ride so that someday, we won't have to.

The AIDS diagnosis rate for African-Americans is more than 9 times that of whites, and the HIV rate is 7 times greater among blacks than whites. Survival after an AIDS diagnosis is lower for blacks than any other racial/ethnic group.Young adults and teens between 13 and 29 represent 34% of new HIV infections, the largest share of any age group. 

It's easy to think that HIV/AIDS is no longer a problem. Medications have come a long way, and people are living longer, healthier lives.  Donations go directly to the agencies continuing to provide the critical services and education needed to meet the growing needs of our community. 

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