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                           FROM WAR ZONE TO SICKNESS ZONE

   When we lose our compassion that means we lose our humanity

Esther was born on 22 of July 2009 in a very poor family in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Her father works as a bricklayer and her mother is unemployed, which makes living very challenging. The little girl has been diagnosed to have soft tissue tumor of malignancy type in the virginal known as embryonic rhabdomyosarcoma. The doctors in Goma said, Esther who has been under their care at the hospital, has a very little chance of recovery and survival unless she is flown out of Congo for an advanced treatment.

here is an urgent need to take Esther out of Congo to where she can receive a good medical TREATMENT.

We have been making contact to some hospitals in the United States and Canada and we have  gotten a good response from the Cancer center in the USA.

The health of Esther is as important as other children. Your voice is powerful and we need the Government of the DR of Congo to accept to send Esther Baseme to the USA for good medical TREATMENT.

Why Esther has to be treated in USA?

1, Esther's health will be follow up carefully

2. She will have a good Treatment  according to the Cancer center in USA

3, She will not be left alone

4. She will have good support.

                                   Please sign up to Save the life of the little baby ESTHER.

REMEMBER : your voice counts to make it possible.

Deborah Funmi Mupapa Testimony:

On Monday 21st January, 2013, I received a call from an unknown person, who informed me about the condition of Esther and the need for help.

This news came to me while I was still in Shock over the  bad news that we lost a girl of 2 years old Temilade Falade, a Nigerian that suffered from Retinoblastoma. Oh! we cannot afford to lose another child again! Immediate contact was made with the family of the Girl and the Doctors in charge of her treatment.

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