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Im going to be volunteering in Thailand this summer to assist The Elephant Nature Foundation(ENF) with medical care for elephants and other animals. I will be assisting with overall maintenance of the park and basic medical care to the elephants. I will be spending four weeks in Thailand. This trip means so much to me. I want to go to vet school preferably University of Florida(top 10 vet school in U.S) next year. I work two jobs just to stay in school. I currently attend Florida Atlantic University. I work at a Animal Hospital and Volunteer at Broward Animal Care and Adoptions once a week. I pet sit and walk dogs as extra money to save to go to this trip but unfortunately it is not enough. Im passionate about animals and this trip will be a dream come true.

Your donation will go toward my program and travel cost (approx. $5,000) covering my accommodations, most meals, project materials, ground transportation, and tour guidance. Thank you for your time and thanks for donating. 

For more info about the non-profit organization you  can visit or for more info about my trip to thailand and the elephants you can visit

Or for a video specially on the Elephant National Project visit:

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