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 Farida Khan » regularly publishes cruel pictures and videos of herself on facebook and youtube in which she is abusing horses. She hits them over and over again with the whip and spurs, sometimes until they bleed. Needless to say that she does this for no apparent reason at all. 
There seems to be a whole group of people who made a fetish of these practices. Comments like "I don't like the colour of the horse, you should change it to blood red" speak for themselves! 
Doubts still exist about where Farida Khan is from. It might be India, Bangladesh or Nepal.
Please help us stop this woman and her supporters! 
Links to the pictures and videos are provided at the bottom of this page. If she has deactivated her facebook and/or youtube account by the time you click on the link, please feel free to look at the proof that is provided in one of the 3 facebook groups (3 last links of this page).!/media/set/?set=vb.100000710206425&type=2!/groups/STOPFaridaKhan/!/groups/321361264630892/?fref=ts!/pages/Stop-This-WOman/494694557240253?fref=ts


Alexandra Mocean

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