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I have something to share with you..I don't know if my mother even knows this, but I strongly feel the need to share, PLEASE allow me to have your attention. As a child I was afraid of not who I was going to become, but who I was..I was in an environment whereas my sexuality was the same as a death threat..and quite literally it was. The moment one of my family members found out that I was gay, I was held at gunpoint--forced to renounce who I was unless my life was to be ended. I was abused silently and afraid to talk about it. But TODAY i am here fully recovered thanks to the volunteers at the campaign and I want you all to help me and my fight at the Stop Abuse Campaign! i gave in the form of a True Love Valentine's Day Card in the effort to alleviate those being abused because I now am free of that abuse. If you can, please donate to this cause to help whether you have/are been/being abused or you simply know someone who has/is been/being abused. 

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