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We want Justice for all girls like Damini. we all want INDIA to be one of the safest place for women.. We want change.. It's time to re-unite again in large number's.. But this time at Jantar Mantar.. 

All True Indians please join us on this sunday i.e 3rd feb at jantar mantar around 9 o'clock in the morning...
Lets make a better India....I Request


Vipul Shokeen

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The recent incident of gang rape in Delhi where a 23 year old medical student and her male friend were brutally assaulted and thrown off the bus in a naked condition, left to die has brought to...

The recent incident of gang rape in Delhi where a 23 year old medical student and her male friend were brutally assaulted and thrown off the bus in a naked condition, left to die has brought to the fore many issues which have, up until now, been ignored by the Authorities, the Public and us, the people wanting to make Delhi a safer place for women.

Now, more than ever, the different groups, whether registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation or nothing more than a Face book Page trying to spread awareness on the issue, need to combine forces and make more of an impact and work as an organised unit in control and complete awareness of what we want and how we want it.

While protest marches are extremely important in bringing media attention and in pressurising Authorities, we need to outline proper demands, engage with the Authorities and see them through. There has to be a permanent Solution for it.

We can't rely on Administration and judiciary only. Because they will take action but only after the Incident is happened. I believe, "Rape is a Crime in which Victim itself becomes the Accused." We need to think about the ROOT of this Inhuman Crime and other Molestations of Women in Our Country.


 Depression, Anger and Frustration of several incidents of Life lead to this type of Crimes, especially in Youth.  Several failures in Life, Unfulfilled dreams, Social Pressure, Future Tension etc are some things which broke them mentally. Since we are LIVING IN A So Called MALE DOMINATING Society, WOMEN become the most obvious body on which they can show their Frustrations. Several other causes are also responsible for this, but the ROOT problem is our own Thinking, Belief and Attitude.

I believe, "If we are able to MOTIVATE our YOUTH to change the SYSTEM and THEMSELVES too, there will be a permanent solution to this." Reason, they are going to make the future of Our Country, currently they are in a condition that they can be moulded. They can be taught or instructed to get out of Orthodox beliefs of our societies.

This is a vision that all of us have seen and it is time now that we work together to see this through. The Public has a short memory; this amnesia will lead to nothing other than cancerous growths. Let this not just be one of those times when 'a nation is outraged' and we stop at protest marches. Let this be a time when concrete plans are laid out, taken charge of and finally, enforced. I appeal to you to not let this time slip by, this time when every citizen is appalled, when we want to do something but we can't figure out what needs to be done, when the Public is listening and for once it seems like the Authorities are too. Don't let this incident be just another headline that prompted protest marches, let it usher in the much needed change.

 We request you to help us in Making our Youth Confident and Aware. So they might think WHAT IS CORRECT AND WHAT IS WRONG.

We need to Conduct a Seminars to Aware the Future of India about Women Empowerment and to change the Orthodox beliefs of society.Because, If this is the Generations that can generate thoughts. They are Innovators, we need to show them a Path.
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