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Cellphone, telephones and wireless internet can be found almost all over the globe. Surely these electronics have no effect on us. Or do they? We are all so excited about our brand new iPhones, iPads, 'i' this and 'i' that. But have we ever stopped in our tracks to ask the question: do these devices have any effect on me and my family? On the animals? The plants? Why have the bees been disappearing?

And that's where this documentary comes in! Titled: Resonance, it is an eye-opening film that will put the light back into your hands. The answer is YES! Yes it does have an effect and you may want to know exactly what that effect is.


Johann Van Niekerk

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You may think you are the victim in this world. Think again. You cannot blame anyone or anything for the world you're in. You can simply look at yourself and ask: Am I assiting in the development of the things that are bad for me? Look at your own life. What can you change to make a difference? Your life is in YOUR hands! Take control of it and realize that you have never been dependent on anything or anyone in this world. You have simply been tricked and tricked again to believe that you are DEPENDENT. Well the truth of the matter is, you choose to be dependent. It's always been a choice! And all choices can change. Now is the time for you to educate yourself and realize just how strong you really are!

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