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A Juvenile Correction Facility" decentralize in Grand Bay

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We all can contribute in one way or another for the implementation of development projects. There has been a call by many Dominican parents, lawyers, teachers, Councillors and youths for the establishment of a "Juvenile correction facility".........I am appealing to the many Grand Bay people,  other Dominican people and foreigners  especially those who can consciously seek funding from organizations to help build a juvenile facility in  community of Grand bay. To the Hon. prime Minister, Leader of the opposition,and Social welfare authorities your assistance is required in one way or another to make that difference. This way we can all contribute to reduction in juvenile delinquency. Research conducted on similar facilities in the neighboring countries and the United states etc. has proven that most juveniles benefited from the special care and correction methods from these facilities. it is interesting to note that many juveniles who were treated can come openly to say that a facility of that nature can make a positive contribution to our many youths who think of giving up at an early age. We must be mindful that our youths are the future, and if we have a population with more unstable youths then we will have a future of unstable adults...........this facility can serve the entire nation in this regard but will be based in a decentralize zone, Grand Bay.


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