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Help a friend purchase a rifle and train them in its use

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The halmark of a free society is a well armed populace ready to fight tyranny, foreign invasion and opression. Therfore it is in the best interest of our society to have as many well armed and trained citizens as possible. This is a pledge to help a friend purchase a rifle, ammunition and a way to carry said ammunition( Magazines/Stripper Clips, pouches and load bearing equipment)  so that they may defend their local area. To that end we pledge to help AT LEAST one friend procure a rifle and train them in its propper, safe and legal use. Better yet,Like General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben's students in the Continental Army, train those who will train others! Reach out to our community and form a committee of safety that will assist the local area in defense during times of strife. For help on this go to this non profit, free resourse site for the project:


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