Sign the Petition to The Honourable Cheri Di Novo, M.P.P. Parkdale-Hyde Park, Ontario, Canada

We the undersigned demand that the operation known as Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada be shut down ASAP. Marineland is known as a dolphinarium. Dolphinariums are facilities were Marine wildlife are kept against their natural will. It is well documented that this facility is and has been in the past very abusive to it's inmates (dolphins, whales, seals, etc.). Dolphinariums are becoming a thing of the past and are regarded as nothing but barbaric prisons for Marine wildlife. The owners of these facilities are in this business only for the purpose of greed. They do not care about the safety or welfare of their inmates. This facility does nothing but give Ontario a huge black eye across the globe. Please listen to the people and get rid of this barbaric prison and free these beautiful Animals to their natural habitats were they belong. There is a reason why they are referred to as Marine wildlife an not Marine entertainers.


Rory Tipping

Dolphins suffer immensely in captivity. Eight former trainers at Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario, recently spoke out to the Toronto Star about the substandard conditions at that facility. Among other abuses, the trainers claim that five dolphins had their skin fall off in chunks after they spent months swimming in water so green that they could barely be seen in it. Photos of the dolphins show them with their eyes squeezed shut against the filthy water. According to the trainers, some animals have gone blind at Marineland.

In the open sea, dolphins live in large, intricate social groups, swim together in family pods and can travel up to 100 miles a day. In captivity, their world is measured in gallons instead of fathoms. Dolphins communicate with each other through whistles and body language. In tanks, their vocalizations become a garble of meaningless reverberations. Most aquariums keep antacids on hand to treat the animals' stress-related ulcers.

No animal deserves to be torn from his or her rightful home, locked up in a tank or cage and forced to perform tricks just for our amusement. But the plight of a captive dolphin swimming in endless circles in a concrete tank is especially heartbreaking. Please stand up to this cruel industry. Before you buy a ticket, remember that patronizing marine-mammal parks and swim-with programs helps to support Japan's bloody dolphin hunts—and condemns intelligent, social beings to a lifetime of misery.


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